Super Sweet Blogging Award :)

Super Sweet Blog Award !

My super big thanks to “and life smiles”   for nominating my blog for the “Super Sweet Blogging Award !” such a sweet surprise!

Rules for acceptance:

 Answer 4 Questions:
  • Cookies or cake: i prefer cookies – cakes only for special occasions.
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate – of course! :) Always and ever.
  • What is your favorite sweet treat?  baklava – definitely!! (although it’s not made with chocolate)
  • When do you crave sweet things the most?  Daily whenever i can – but the most when i am very very busy.
  • If I had a sweet nickname what would it be? there would be too many… baklava, coco-hazel-choco-heart :)

 My sweet list of nominees:

 Now i’d like to acknowledge all my followers. They all are unique and inspiring in their own way. My blog is dedicated to all of them who are looking for some more inspiration and who have very special blogs which I really appreciate. My gratitude to all of you and “and life smiles” for nominating me.

Keep on being as sweet as you are! :)

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