Das Leben ist ihre eigene Kreation –

eine Leinwand voller Gedanken, Träume, Worte.

Jeder Blick – ein Eintauchen in die Tiefe ihres Ichs.

Jede Begegnung – ein Verschmelzen zweier Kunstwerke.

© Life is Your Piece of Art


Life is Your Piece of Art!

Your Art is Your Mirror.
Your Art is Your Mirror.


This page needs a relaunch. Born in 2012 it became a collector of quotes, poems, inspiration. Following by a long dry season. Bathing in a quite long ‘planning period’. What for? To decide on a perfect way to share Art. In the ‘right’ language. The ‘right’ way. The right texts. Thank you, life, for showing me that this perfectionism just doesn’t exist! ;)

Therefore: Welcome to a mix of Art, Culture, Life and a bunch of different languages! I will not share in the same way, the same language, because it’s not possible. A thought might express itself in a certain language with specific words, accompanied by a tone that doesn’t exist in another language. Therefore, I want to apologize ahead for not translating every written word.

Nevertheless, there is Art which can be understood by all people. Pictures, drawings, unknown letters. Art that doesn’t need understandable words. You are welcome to find yourself there. No rules, no boundaries. Just freedom.

Stay there. Breathe there. Smile there. :)

Today is the World Poetry Day – a day like any other where we should share our Love, Art and Humanity with the rest of the world!

‘Every person is a poet’. Robert Montgomery

So be a poet – not only today but every day. Create your own Piece of Art – called Life!

Lots of love <3

Your heart knows where you wanna go.

“It’s all about GOALS! And I’m not talking about boring to do lists and chores! No! I’m talking about ambition of the heart! Knowing and believing that you can live a successful and passionate life! Set goals that speak to your enthusiasm! Work hard towards your hearts desire and listen to NO PERSON who tries to hold you back! Let your heart guide you, let success come to you! This is your time, not tomorrow, but right now!! It’s your life! What’s your Heart’s goal? Go and get it!!”